Part NumberDescriptionWeight 
8590195Poly Fender, fits minimum 19.5" dual rear wheels8.60 lbs. More Info
8590245Poly Fender, fits up to 24.5" dual rear wheels14.30 lbs. More Info
8591000Fender Mounting Kit (1 side complete)21.00 lbs. More Info
8591001Fender Mounting Kit, Stainless21.00 lbs. More Info
8591010Arm Only, Fender Mounting Kit8.05 lbs. More Info
8591020Universal Fender Mounting Kit, Straight Arm, Black13.00 lbs. More Info
8591030Universal Fender Mounting Kit, Straight Arm, SS13.00 lbs. More Info
8591005Hangar Bracket Assembly Only, Fender Mounting Kit2.40 lbs. More Info
3016508Hanger Bracket Assy., Fender Mount Kit (one piece)1.20 lbs. More Info
3018069Repl. Cap for Fender Mounting Kit0.02 lbs. More Info
3024975Repl. Cap for Fender Mounting Kit  More Info

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