Rear Observation Camera System

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 Part NumberDescriptionWeight  
8881200Rear Observation System, Complete w/ Camera5.40 lbs.  More Info
8881247Rear Observation Camera System, Quad Screen2.30 lbs.  More Info
8881211Standard Camera w/Night Vision and Audio   More Info
8881212Recessed Bullet Camera w/Night Vision   More Info
8881213Sphere Camera w/Night Vision   More Info
8881214Universal Side Camera w/Night Vision   More Info
8881221Cable, 5m / 16 ft.   More Info
8881222Cable, 10m / 32 ft.   More Info
8881224Cable, 20m / 65 ft.   More Info
8881225Cable, 25m / 82 ft.   More Info
888110681 ft Cable for Rear Observation Camera2.0 lbs.  More Info
8881107Trailer Connection Kit7 lbs.  More Info
8881105Additional Camera w/Audio3.00 lbs.  More Info
8882150Camera Washing System4 lbs  More Info

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